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Having the self control and commitment to practice regularly is the only way you will improve as a drummer. But finding the time to sit down and practice an instrument can be tough, but we all know that practice is what's going to make you amazing. You may have a billion other things that need to get done so how do you find the time?

How about trying some different ways to get in your drumming time. You don't always need the drum kit or band mates...

1) Listening to your favorite tunes and tap out the rhythm, whether it be on the steering wheel, the kitchen table or a bit of air drumming! Tap along with the song, it can be with your hands or your feet, or both.

2) Get a metronome app on your phone (with varying bpm ) When riding the bus or train or in a car (if safe to do so) you have free movement  so there's really quite a lot you could do just tapping different beats. 

3) You don't always have to be at it to train you muscles in the same way. You can tap your feet on anything to keep that up. If you don’t have pedals at home, tapping your feet in time to a metronome or recorded music is a great alternative. You could sit at the edge of a chair as if you were sitting on a drum-stool, and place your feet flat on the ground. Imagine there is a pedal under your foot, bring your foot up and down while keeping your heel on the ground. This will strengthen the muscles needed for heel-down technique, helping you a little for when you start practicing on a bass drum pedal.

4) Pillow practice. No, really! Sound crazy, but actually there's a real benefit. A little known insider knowledge is that there is little to no bounce from a pillow, so it absorbs your full stroke. Inefficient you say? Well actually yes and no. It makes you work more, it really works out your wrists as you are forced to use your wrists to bring the sticks back up. Give yourself a workout! 

5) You don't even always need your drumsticks. Ever used a rolled up magazine, pens, pencils, fingers, sticks, tools, the options are endless! Find a surface, a old can. a table, your knees, whatever you have, look around. 

6) The beauty of percussion is that it can be performed on any and most materials but any material that makes a sound can be used as a drum, pots and pans, desk and books, seats, bus handles, steering wheel and even your knees!

7) Get yourself a cajon. Easy to play, great response, great resonance, bass and snare sounds and very portable. Have one in your living room, bedroom or at work for those lunch breaks. Anyone can play whether a  beginner or an experienced percussionist. And the best bit...There are no rules! Punch out a basic beat to start with and go from there.

Learning to play the Cajon is very much like learning to play any percussion instrument or a drum kit. The LP Americnaa Groove cajon is a dream to play on. Check this one out...

If you have a rhythm in your head, don't hold back! play that thing over and over and don't be put off if people see you in public.

Happy drumming!

Written by Jennifer Lowe — November 18, 2015

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    Having the self control and commitment to practice regularly is the only way you will improve as a drummer. But finding the time to sit down and practice an instrument...

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